Singing Lessons in Manchester

Welcome to Singing Lessons Manchester. My name is Auguste Bielskyte and I am a versatile and experienced singer studying in a world-class Royal Conservatoire – Royal Northern College of Music pursuing my four-year Popular Music bachelors degree.

I offer one on one singing lessons in Manchester for both female and male singers, professionals and beginners 12 years of age and older. I help people build their technique, repertoire, prepare for their singing auditions, live performances and give guidance in stagecraft. I also work with students who want to sing just for fun or learn a few songs for a special occasion and do it as a hobby for their own enjoyment.

Auguste Bielskyte

Completing my fourth year at the RNCM, I have a wide range of experience in performance, singing, stagecraft, artistic vision and image building as well as public presentation skills. I had amazing opportunities to work with high-class worldwide known vocalists and vocal coaches like Sheila Raye Charles, Wayne Ellington, Nicky Allan, Soyeon Kim and Kim Chandler. I always try and use their advice and experience when teaching my students, adapt and alter it to their individual needs.

I am prepared to teach everybody who wants to become a professional, deepen their knowledge or sing and just have a great time! I am interested in a variety of music genres from Jazz, Blues, Soul to Pop, R&B and Electronic music, but I always let my students choose what they want to perform.

You are welcome to give me a call on 0161 531 3365 or for a friendly, no-obligation consultation.

Male & Female Singers

I am a vocal coach for both male and female singers, for students aged 12 years old and upwards. I welcome students of all learning abilities, including complete beginner students to attend lessons focused on developing their vocal ability.

My teaching methods are designed to give you a structured path when learning to sing. My lessons will give you the tools you need to develop your vocal strength, tone and control - helping you to sing with confidence.

You are welcome to give me a call on 0161 531 3365 or email for a friendly, no-obligation consultation.

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Talented, charismatic, ambitious and very creative. Auguste is constantly experimenting and has a need to grow which is the most important quality for a creative person. She is a brilliant singer that inspires every person she works with.