Guitar Lessons Manchester

Guitar Lessons Manchester

Learning to play the guitar is an ideal accompaniment for many singers. It is also a great creative tool, enabling singers to develop their own songwriting abilities. It helps to focus singers on combining vocal melody and lyrical content with chord patterns. Thankful Manchester has many local guitar teachers who would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar.

Indeed, I am able to offer guitar lessons to students who are able to attend lessons at my home teaching space based in central Manchester. I welcome students who are beginners, helping them to gain a basic foundation of how to play the guitar, before progressing onwards. Intermediate and more advanced guitarists are also welcome to come for lessons on either the electric or the acoustic guitar.

I focus my lessons on including songs that my students enjoying listening to. Consequently, I offer guitar lessons across a wide range of musical genres, including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Folk. Incorporating these music genres and styles into the lesson content to ensure my students really enjoy what we are learning. I teach students from the ages of 12 upwards and charge £25 per half or £40 per hour for my guitar lessons. If you are interested in booking guitar lessons with myself in central Manchester don't hesitate to get in touch by reaching out to me on email:

Alongside myself, Dan Hall, another guitar teacher in Manchester is well worth getting in touch with. He teaches students from the ages of 8 upwards and is based on New Belvedere Close, Stretford (M32 0EG). This is ideal for students based in south-Manchester, with his home teaching space conveniently located just off the A56. Dan charges £15 per half hour lesson and £20 per hour.

Dan Hall, guitar teacher at Guitar Lessons Manchester

Dan has helped many guitarists of all abilities to develop their skill sets, with fantastic reviews of his lessons. One student noted that "whatever level you’re at if you’re looking for someone to help you progress in a structured way then give Dan a call" (Neil). His approach to teaching is similar to mine; that anyone can learn to play the guitar if they are prepared to work hard and give themselves the time to really nail basic guitar techniques.

He also has a really relaxed, friendly approach to teaching guitar - ensuring that the student is never left to feel under pressure. Every guitar student learns at their own speed and that is absolutely normal. After all learning guitar isn't a race, instead it should be a really fun experience that students enjoy. You can find out more about Dan Hall's guitar lessons by visiting his Guitar Lessons Manchester website:

Male & Female Singers

I am a vocal coach for both male and female singers, for students aged 12 years old and upwards. I welcome students of all learning abilities, including complete beginner students to attend lessons focused on developing their vocal ability.

My teaching methods are designed to give you a structured path when learning to sing. My lessons will give you the tools you need to develop your vocal strength, tone and control - helping you to sing with confidence.

You are welcome to give me a call on 0161 531 3365 or email for a friendly, no-obligation consultation.

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Talented, charismatic, ambitious and very creative. Auguste is constantly experimenting and has a need to grow which is the most important quality for a creative person. She is a brilliant singer that inspires every person she works with.